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Gladiator, the Pit Fighter

Gladiators are fierce warriors who, at some point in their life, have fought in a gladiatorial arena for the enjoyment of the crowd. Typically, they are slaves, escaped slaves or former slaves who managed to win their freedom in battle.

They were selected by slave traders and arena masters for their outstanding strength and fighting ability. Gladiators are forced to train with all weapon types, giving them more flexibility in their choice of weapon than any other martial class. They are particularly adept at fighting with light armour.

Escaped gladiators face an uncertain future, as they are hunted down ruthlessly by arena masters who would surely fall from grace if they allowed any slave to escape.

Hit Dice, Proficiencies, Alignment

D12 Hit Die. Proficient with all armour, all shields and all weapon groups. Gladiators can have any alignment.

Special Abilities

Blinding Strike: As part of a full attack or standard attack, you can perform a special strike to blind the victim for 1d2 rounds. This ability does not work on creatures that are immune to critical hits. If the attack is successful you deal the normal damage and the victim gets a Fortitude saving throw of difficulty class 10 + half of the gladiator's level + gladiator's constitution modifier. If the attack fails the ability is not used up.

Armour Mastery: Gladiators benefit from special Armour Class bonuses. When wearing heavy armour, the AC bonus is equal to +1. When wearing medium armour, the AC bonus is equal to +2. When wearing light armour or no armour, the AC bonus is equal to +4 at level 1, +5 from level 4, +6 from level 8, +7 from level 12, +8 from level 16 and +9 from level 20.

Combat Training: Gladiators gain the feats Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Trip, Improved Grapple, Improved Disarm and Improved Bull Rush for free at level 1.

Athleticism: Gladiators gain permanent ability-score bonuses as they advance in levels. At level 3, they gain +1 to Strength. At level 6, they gain +1 to Dexterity. At level 9, they gain +1 to Constitution. At level 12, they gain another +1 to Strength. At level 15, they gain another +1 to Dexterity. At level 18, they gain another +1 to Constitution.

Gladiator Feats

Precise Blinding Strike: Your blinding strikes benefit from a +2 bonus to the attack roll. Requires: Gladiator Level 1.

Improved Blinding Strike: Your blinding strikes leave enemies blinded for 1d4 rounds rather than 1d2 rounds. Requires: Gladiator Level 1.

Extra Blinding Strike: You can use Blinding Strike one additional time during every encounter. Requires: Gladiator Level 1.

Find Weakness: Your attacks now ignore four points of enemy Damage Reduction. Requires: Gladiator Level 6.

Greater Find Weakness: Your attacks now ignore eight points of enemy Damage Reduction. Requires: Gladiator Level 12.

Strength Focus: The character gains a bonus of +2 on all grapple checks and strength checks. The following spells can trigger a strength check: Entangle, Web, Ranger Web, Forcecage, Energy Push, Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Greater Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Glue Arrow, Knockback Arrow.

Superior Two-Weapon Fighting: You do not suffer from any penalty when fighting with two weapons, even if the off-hand weapon is not a light weapon. Requires: Dex 13, Two-Weapon Fighting.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: A character with this ability cannot be flanked. Requires: Gladiator Level 1.

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