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Psychic Warrior, the Mind Fighter

Psychic Warriors are individuals trained in the use of weapons and psionic powers. Psionics is an inborn gift and Psychic Warriors are frequently the children of other psionic users.

Although commoners often mistake psionic powers for magic, psionic effects originate from the manifester's mind rather than from ancient magical formulas.

Most of the psychic warrior's psionic powers focus on protection and the enhancement of fighting abilities. Psychic Warriors can increase their strength and size, improve their accuracy and heal their wounds. With these powers, they can match or even surpass traditional fighters.

Hit Dice, Proficiencies, Alignment

D8 Hit Die. Proficient with all armour and with light shield and heavy shield. Starts with simple-weapons proficiency plus three selectable weapon-group proficiencies. Psychic Warriors can be of any alignment.

Special Abilities

Psionics: Psionic powers do not have a vocal or somatic component and cannot be counterspelled (or used to counterspell). Wearing armour does not result in a spell failure chance. Using a power is a mental action (usually a standard action) that triggers attacks of opportunity from enemies, unless you're manifesting the power on the defensive. Psionic powers can be disrupted or dispelled just like spells. Metamagic feats do not apply to psionic powers. The leading ability for Psychic Warrior powers is Wisdom.

Depending on the leading ability, a psionic user can have bonus power points, just like a magic user can get bonus spell slots. Activating a power expends a number of power points (PP) that depends on the level of the power. It is often possible to augment a power by spending more power points than the minimum. However, a character cannot spend more PP on a power than his character level. At level 1, a psychic warrior gains a number of powers known equal to 3 + Wisdom modifier. At all levels between 2 and 10, a psychic warrior gains two more powers known. At all levels from 11, a psychic warrior gains one more power known.

Psionic Powers

LEVEL 1: 13 powers (PP Cost 1)

Biofeedback (Personal spell gives DR 2/- for 4 rounds + 1 per two levels, +3 PP to increase the DR by 1.)

Claws of the Beast (Duration Until Rest. Replaces your primary natural attack with a set of two claws that deal damage according to your size and PP expenditure. Used on a Mantis, the power replaces two claw attacks, so you end up with two Beast claws from the power plus two natural claws. If the Beast claws have the same damage as your natural claws, then the power has no effect.)

Expansion (Personal power, 4 rounds + 1 per two levels, increases size by one, +6 PP to increase size by two.)

Dissipating Touch (Melee touch attack deals 1d6 damage, +1 PP to increase by 1d6.)

Force Screen (Personal power, Duration Until Rest, +4 shield bonus to AC, +4 PP to increase AC bonus by +1)

Grip of Iron (Manifesting time Free action, Duration 4 rounds + 1 per two levels, you get a +4 bonus on all grapple checks. +4 PP for another +2 bonus to grapple checks.)

Inertial Armour (Personal, Duration Until Rest, you gain a +4 armour bonus to AC. Not bypassed by ghosts. +2 PP to increase the AC bonus by +1.)

Enhance Weapon (Duration Until End of Combat, your manufactured and natural weapons gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack roll and damage roll. +4 PP to increase the enhancement by +1.)

Precognition (Personal, 10 rounds, you gain a +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws. This bonus does not apply whenever you lose you dex bonus to AC. +3 PP for an additional +1 bonus.)

Adrenaline Rush (Personal spell, 10 rounds, you gain a +1 competence bonus to attack rolls. +3 PP for an additional +1 bonus.)

Stomp (20' radius cone spell, targets fall prone and take 1d4 damage. Reflex save negates. +1 PP to increase the damage by 1d4.)

Thicken Skin (Duration Until Rest. You gain a +1 natural armour enhancement bonus to AC. +3 PP to increase the bonus by +1.)

Entangling Ectoplasm (Ranged touch attack makes a single target entangled, but not stuck, for four rounds, +1 PP to increase duration by one round.)

LEVEL 2: 11 powers (PP cost 3)

Psionic Eye, Personal (Personal, removes the Blinded condition and makes the recipient immune to Blindness for 1 round per level.)

Omnidirectional Eye (Personal, for 1 round per level you cannot be flanked.)

Dissolving Touch (No save, melee touch attack deals 4d6 acid damage. +2 PP to increase damage by 1d6.)

Enhance Ability (For 10 rounds, the target gains a +4 enhancement bonus to either Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma. From CL 9, the bonus increases to +6. From CL 15, the bonus increases to +8.)

Strength of My Enemy (For 1 round per level, every hit deals 1 point of Strength ability damage and you gain a +1 enhancement bonus to Strength, up to +8. +3 PP increases the maximum gain by +2.)

Cell Division (Personal, cures 1d12 HP. Removes the bleeding and dying conditions. +2 PP to increase HP cured by 1d12.)

Purification (Personal. Removes all ability damage and ability drain.)

Lesser Concealment (Personal, 1 round per level, you gain 20% concealment.)

Lend Life (You heal a target for 2d10, while taking damage equal to half that amount. If you don't have enough HPs, the spell transfers only two times the amount of HPs that you have, and leaves the PC with 1 HP. +1 PP to increase the amount healed by 2d10, up to 10d10.)

Energy Absorption (Personal, select an energy type, you gain resistance 15 to damage of that type, up to 1 round per level and up to 10*level absorbed points of damage. +6 PP to get resistance 30 up to 20*level points, instead.)

Psionic Pounce (Activated as a free action. For this round only, you can charge and then perform a full attack at the end of the charge.)

LEVEL 3: 9 powers (PP cost 5)

Vampiric Weapon (Personal. For 1 round per level, you heal half of the base dice damage that you deal with melee attacks.)

Greater Concealment (Personal, 1 round per level, you gain 50% concealment.)

Psionic Keen Edge (Duration Until Rest, your attacks with natural and manufactured weapons gain the Keen property.)

Hostile Empathic Transfer (With a melee touch, you transfer up to 50 points of damage to a living target. A successful Willpower saving throw reduces the damage by half. The caster recovers the amount of damage dealt. +1 PP to increase the limit by 10 points, up to 90.)

Evade Burst (Personal, 1 round per level; you gain the same effect as the 'Evasion' class power.)

Exhalation of the Black Dragon (Ranged touch deals 3d6 acid damage, no saving throw. +2 PP to increase damage by 1d6.)

Graft Weapon (You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls, and you become immune to disarm attempts. Duration Until Rest.)

Psionic Darkvision (Personal spell, Duration Until End of Combat, you gain the darkvision ability, allowing you to see through darkness and bypass the concealment from darkness.)

Elemental Weapon (Duration Until End of Combat, Touch spell, Select flaming, frost or electricity, your manufactured and natural weapons deal 1d6 points of additional damage of that energy type. Does not stack.)

LEVEL 4: 7 powers (PP cost 7)

Energy Shield (Choose cold, fire, electricity or sonic. For 1 round per level, any creature who hits the recipient in melee takes 2d6 points of damage of that type. +2 PP to increase damage by 1d6.)

Psychic Disarm (Will negates. Long Range. For four rounds, the target cannot wield anything. All weapons, shields and bow held go back to the inventory. +2 PP to increase the Will DC by 1 and the duration by one round. The DC increases by 2 against humanoid targets.)

Energy Adaptation (Personal, you gain resistance 15 to all energy damage (including fire, cold, electricity, acid and sonic damage), up to 1 round per level and up to 10*level absorbed points of damage. +6 PP to get resistance 30 up to 20*level points, instead. Energy resistance equal to a number of points is also called Energy Damage Reduction.)

Freedom of Movement, Psionic (1 round per level. Personal. The character is freed from the following conditions: Paralyzed, Slowed, Stuck, Entangled, Quicksand. The subject also gains immunity to all these effects for the spell's duration. The spell does not affect the spell Grease, underwater movement, being grappled or pinned or swallowed whole.)

Inertial Barrier (Duration Until Rest. You gain DR 5/-.)

Power Drain (Fortitude negates, melee touch reduces the target's pool of power points by 2 PP per manifester level, or if the target is not a psionic creature but a spellcaster, it loses magic slots of equivalent value. A level-2 slot is worth 3 PP, a level-3 slot is worth 5 PP, etc. High slots are lost first.)

Poison (Melee touch attack inflicts 2d10 points of constitution ability damage to the target. A special fortitude saving throw negates the effect.)

LEVEL 5: 6 powers (PP cost 9)

Catapsi (For 1 round per level, you create an aura of psionic disruption in a 30-radius circle area centred on you. Anyone, apart from you, who tries to cast a spell or use a psionic power within that area must succeed on a concentration check of DC 18 + spell level. +2 PP to increase the concentration DC by 1. If you move, the aura moves with you. If you are killed or taken out of the fight in any other way, the effect disappears.)

Oak Body (For 1 round per two levels: you gain immunity to stunning, ability damage and drain, a +4 circumstance bonus to strength and a +4 natural armour enhancement bonus.)

Psionic True Seeing (For 1 round per level, you gain the true seeing ability.)

Mind Blast (Mind affecting, single target loses 80% of its HP on a failed Will save. +2 PP to increase DC by 1.)

Spell and Power Resistance (Touch spell gives the target Spell Resistance 12 + manifester level for 1 round per level.)

Greater Stomp (Line spell, targets fall prone and take 7d6 damage, reflex save negates, +2 PP to increase the damage by 1d6 and the DC by +1.)

LEVEL 6: 6 powers (PP cost 11)

Breath of the Black Dragon (30' cone, deals 11d6 acid damage to all in the area, reflex half, no Spell Resistance. +1 PP to increase damage by 1d6.)

Dispelling Buffer (Personal. Duration Until Rest. You gain a resistance to dispel effects. All effects on the manifester receive a +5 bonus to resist Dispel checks.)

Form of Doom (You gain four additional tentacle attacks each dealing 2d8 damage. You also gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Damage Reduction 10 / lawful and magic. Duration 1 round per two levels.)

Mind Blank (Personal. Duration Until Rest. You gain immunity to hostile mind effects, such as the effect of Color Spray, Fear, Bane, Confusion, Crushing Despair, Hold Person, Feeblemind, Rainbow Pattern, Deep Slumber, Dominate Person, Irresistible Dance. This does not protect against True Strike or True Seeing. Gold cost 250.)

Greater Psionic Eye, Personal (Personal, Duration Until Rest, removes the Blinded condition and makes the recipient immune to Blindness.)

Greater Omnidirectional Eye (Personal. Duration Until Rest, you cannot be flanked. Gold Cost 100.)

Psychic Warrior Feats

Fast Expansion: You can activate the psionic power Expansion as a move action rather than a standard action.

Fast Cell Division: You can activate the psionic power Cell Division as a move action rather than a standard action.

Expanded Knowledge: Add to your powers known one additional power of any power level up to the highest you can manifest. Requires: Level 3.

Psionic Talent: You gain an additional number of power points equal to your level. The bonus increases automatically when you gain a level. This feat cannot be taken more than once.

Strength Focus: The character gains a bonus of +2 on all grapple checks and strength checks. The following spells can trigger a strength check: Entangle, Web, Ranger Web, Forcecage, Energy Push, Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Greater Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Glue Arrow, Knockback Arrow.

Melee Focus: You gain a competence bonus of +1 to all melee attack rolls. Requires: Level 9, Psychic Warrior, Rogue or Monk.

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