Focus On: Demons

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Focus On: Demons

Postby BlueSalamander » Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:57 am

Born in the planes of chaotic-evil alignment, demons are ferocious creatures who will attack any living being just for the fun of it. They are all immune to poison and electricity effects. They have fire resistance (10), cold resistance (10) and acid resistance (10), or better. In Knights of the Chalice, they also have a certain amount of damage reduction, bypassed only by cold iron weapons.

Balor (Large outsider)

Balors are large flame-covered, winged humanoids. They are among the most terrible of all underworld creatures.
They are often generals of demonic armies.

Average Statistics

HP 20D8+200 (Average 290)
Challenge Rating 20
STR 35 DEX 25 CON 31
INT 24 WIS 24 CHA 26
SIZE Large
Natural Armor 19
Attacks: Slam (x2) or weapons
Darkvision, Can see invisible, Spell like ability Dominate Monster, Body defence fire damage, Damage reduction 15/cold iron.
Immunity to fire, electricity and poison effects. Resistance to cold (10) and acid (10). Spell resistance 28.

Vrock (Large outsider)

Vrocks look like a cross between a huge vulture and a large human. They have grey wings, strong limbs, a long neck and a vulture head. The most powerful demons use them as guards and assault troops.

Average Statistics

HP 10D8+70 (Average 115)
Challenge Rating 9
STR 23 DEX 15 CON 25
INT 14 WIS 16 CHA 16
SIZE Large
Natural Armor 11
Attacks: Claw (x4) and Bite.
Successful Bite Attack gives Bleeding condition
Darkvision, Spell like ability Blur, Immunity to electricity and poison effects. Resistance to fire, cold and acid.
Damage reduction 10 / cold iron. Spell resistance 17.

Babau (Medium outsider)

Babaus are infernal creatures with a black skin and a gaunt humanoid shape. Devious and cruel, they often serve as assassins for creatures more powerful than they.

Average Statistics

HP 7D8+35 (Average 66)
Challenge Rating 7
STR 21 DEX 12 CON 20
INT 14 WIS 13 CHA 16
SIZE Medium
Natural Armor 8
Attacks: Claw (x2) and Bite.
Darkvision, immunity to electricity and poison effects. Resistance to fire, cold and acid.
Damage reduction 10 / cold iron. Spell resistance 14. Body defence acid damage. Spell like ability Acid ray.
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Focus On: Demons


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