My 2nd run in the game

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Re: My 2nd run in the game

Postby Waterd103 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:48 am

I play solo, so your point doesn't apply. And saying that levels are not vital is irrelevant really. What's a fact is that is a ridiculously easy game as I never felt threatened at all during the whole game in the max difficulty available from the start.

About KOTC I complain that the game NEEDS a cleric because it works in a way that cant be predicted. That's just a pure knowledge test and its dumb. You should tell the players that there are no potions or way to replace the cleric. once you know that, you just build your team with a cleric (or 2 or 3) PROBLEM solved. DO you call that a skill test?
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Re: My 2nd run in the game


Re: My 2nd run in the game

Postby Opipo » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:10 pm

A party going to war needs someone who can heal. Its common sense, not a test. Im not sure why you wouldnt want a cleric in the party. Realistically fighting w/o a medic will get people die from wounds, which is exactly what happens in KotC in a true roleplay form, it is possible to make a healerless party, but it will get it killed.

I think the problem is, to expect, like on these "other" games, to do everything with a single, generic class, destroying the very definition of a word "class". Those other games are doing it because they are targeting a casual market, people who expect to steamroll everything on a first try, or get frustrated. Generic classes = generic encounters = boring. Just saw in another thread that you dislike Knights too.

What's a fact is that is a ridiculously easy game as I never felt threatened at all during the whole game in the max difficulty available from the start.

Well see, the max difficulty isnt available from the start, nor it is called "very hard". In actual Diablo2, it is called "hell", and in that difficulty about 1/3 of the total amount of mobs are completely immune to a classes' regular damage. Immune, as in, every third mob cant be damaged at all.
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Re: My 2nd run in the game

Postby Dave Mongoose » Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:20 pm

I know this post is a couple of months old now, but I felt that most of the opinion given is critical and I wanted to let the developer know that at least one person appreciates his choices :D .

If every fight was challenging, the game would lose some of its pacing in my eyes: for me the easier fights help build up to the tough ones and provide respite between them. If the game had only tough encounters then I wouldn't get the same excitement from them, and I think playing the game would be more exhausting than fun if I had to tactically assess every action in every battle.

Some other tactical games like X-Com and Jagged Alliance can make every fight a challenge because there is natural downtime and distraction between fights. In X-Com, I need to wait for another UFO to show up and manage my research and manufacturing. In Jagged Alliance, resting my characters happens in real-time and I have to repair equipment and train militia. Both of those games have a 'time acceleration' control but it still takes my attention for a bit and gives my brain a rest. KotC doesn't have this kind of downtime aside from moving your characters to the next fight and inventory management, so relaxed encounters do that for me.

Even in the least tactical battles in KotC I've found it nice to have a place to try out new spells or tactics, and if I want to move on quickly I just throw in a fireball or ice storm and the fight's over - hardly any time wasted.
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Re: My 2nd run in the game

Postby BlueSalamander » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:22 pm

I'm playing through Fire Emblem on the DS now and in almost all the battles the player strength greatly exceeds that of the enemy... The enemy leader guards a position and doesn't attack with the rest of the units... It's still an excellent game even though it could do with more enemies. The movement system is similar to KotC. The weapons have different uses (lance beats the sword, sword beats the axe, axe beats the lance). The biggest problem is when the whole party needs to move and you have to move all your 13+ characters one by one. It's also a very verbose game.
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Re: My 2nd run in the game

Postby Waterd103 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:00 am

Try Fire emblem path of radiance on the wii if you can. You can start the game in hard. And in fact its too harsh because its luckbased mission , sometimes you can lose a critical char (the ones that make you lose) because someone critical back after you miss. Its stupid because there is nothing you can do, you can play around minimizing the chances of that happening. But its near impossible that over the course of the game you dont get a critical blow. And in this game critical blows are REALLY CRITICAL. Most chars cant survive a critical.

ITs sad because if you could revive someone or there was a way so losing any char is not brutal (as some fire emblem games does, which is cool) . But here, some chars, if you lose, nothing you can do instant gameover.

Anyway, I see many people like this easy pointless battles in KOTC. So I lost that battle. Maybe In KOTC2 there can be a REAL Ironman mode for people like me, where every battle counts?
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