Silent Storm Sentinels

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Silent Storm Sentinels

Postby BlueSalamander » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:02 pm

Hi, here are some screenshots of Silent Storm Sentinels (click on a picture to enlarge). This is an add-on to Silent Storm, a somewhat-RPGish game set in World War II where you control a team of one to six elite soldiers. The game uses a turn-based combat engine and movement outside combat is in real time. There are six character classes, sniper, scout, soldier, grenadier, engineer and doctor. In Silent Storm and Sentinels, most of the time you fight a terrorist group called Thor's Hammer. Silent Storm is a good game but I enjoyed Sentinels more. Sentinels is more difficult and it forces you to manage resources more carefully.

Playing Silent Storm and Sentinels on a computer with more than 3 gb RAM

If your computer has more than 3 gb of RAM memory, you will need to set the maximum RAM to 3gb, or else the game will complain about a 'video card error'. Click Start and type 'msconfig', or select 'Run' and type 'msconfig'. Push enter. In the System configuration window, select the 'Boot' tab, click 'Advanced Options', then in Maximum Memory type 3072. Click Ok and reboot your computer. Silent Storm will work. When you have finished playing Silent Storm you can go back to msconfig to remove the 3 gb limit.

Increasing the animation speed in Sentinels

You can increase the speed of animations beyond two times in Sentinels. To do so, download game-hacking software ArtMoney and this ArtMoney table. Start Sentinels then double click the ArtMoney table. In the 'Select Process' control, select Silent Storm Sentinels. Use the 'Value' cell to set the speed multiplier to whatever you like. 8 or 16 was good for me. However, I noticed that putting a higher number tends to screw up the long burst of machine guns.

Difficult spots

There are two very difficult points in Sentinels. The first point is the mission where you need to stop the bombing of a United Nations building. Four terrorists are entrenched in a wine cellar. You're supposed to kill them all in one or two rounds and then defuse all their bombs within a few extra rounds. The easiest way to do this mission is to kill two of them before a cut-scene is triggered. You can then incapacitate the two others in one round using stun darts found on the same level. At this point you will win the mission since none of the terrorists have had time to activate the bombs.

The other point is at the very end of the game. You are facing three super Panzerklein soldiers. There may be a way to do this mission in the standard way (with tonnes of laser charges and tonnes of armour-piercing bazooka rockets), but there is another way too: these super PKs are totally useless in melee range. If you manage to place one of your characters right between two of those robots (see the last screenshot), they will keep shooting at each other without ever touching your character. Eventually they will exhaust their ammunition and you can finish them off easily.

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Silent Storm Sentinels


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