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Here's a short post about the rogue-like game ADOM, with screenshots. In ADOM, your adventurer must explore the Caves of Chaos and the surrounding wilderness in order to close the Chaos Gate. The gate is on level 50 of the Caves of Chaos and first you need to collect all the elemental orbs from the elemental temples.

My hurthling wizard went all the way to level 50, slew all enemies on that level, closed the gate and destroyed the levers. It's not a pure victory though since my character blew herself up once, trying to recharge a wand. On that subject it's too easy to kill your character just by experimenting with the Wizard's Wand Recharge feature. The game asks 'how many charges do you want to invest' without telling you how many charges the wand was made for, or how many power points each charge costs. I just want to recharge to the level the wand was created at. Seems obvious, why even ask the player?

Download link

My wizard's favourite spells

* Magic Missile: because no enemy can resist
* Frost Bolt: because it makes ice bridges
* Burning Hands: because it deals a lot of damage
* Acid Ball: the most useful offensive spell in the late game
* Teleport: an essential spell
* Mystic Shovel: very useful too

I obtained a Wand of Wishing with four wishes from the quest to kill the Ancient Blue Wyrm, here are the things my character wished for:

* spellbooks of acid ball
* the dodge skill (but I couldn't get it to 100 by the end).
* scrolls of chaos resistance (but it turned out I didn't need them).
* emperor moloch (in the wilderness, this generated a fight that allowed my character to go from level 32 to 50).

Random things I liked

* The level 48 of the Caves of Chaos where you throw the elemental orbs into elemental rifts, that reminded me of Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager, where you collect four elemental artifacts and at the end set them up on a holy statue in order to defeat the Tarrasque. ADOM is also quite similar to the Temple of Elemental Evil, where you defeat four elemental temple factions.

* The level 49, the so-called frictionless level, where you have to move by throwing items in the direction opposite to that which you want to travel to.

* The level 50 of the Caves of Chaos with the levers and the Chaos gate. During the battle my hurthling got touched by a Ghost Lord once, aging her by 40 years (to 80). It would have been cool if new enemies regularly came out of the gate as long as it was open.

* The fight with the Fire Wyrm in the Tower of Eternal Flames. Clearly one of the most difficult or the most difficult battle in the game. Had to pray after receiving a bolt of energy that cut my HP by around 130 points.

* The fact that ball spells have a higher radius of effect once your willpower reaches 32.

* Sacrificing things to get pre-crowned and crowned by the deity. As pre-crowning gift, I received the thunder crossbow bolt, which was useless to me. Then I received the robes of resistance as crowning gift and the Fire immunity. After that the game generated so many artifacts (more than 30 by the end) that a further crowning would not be possible.

Random things I didn't like

* The game has a lot of places to explore for characters of low or middle level but few good places for high level. That means levelling up is a pain after level 25. Likewise, it seems important spellbooks are always missing. I think I've found only two teleport spellbooks, one in the mountain Library, and another in the late game.

* There is too much emphasis on the increase of all attributes, this means that in the late-game all characters have around 35 in all their stats, regardless of their class, race or starting attributes.

* There are just too many junk items in the game that we have to sift through. Such as, tonnes of potions of potential strength (or potential other attribute). What does it matter to the player what his 'potential' attributes are? And Scrolls of Defence, Protection, Damage, etc. Often the player uses an artifact weapon or armour and those can't be improved with scrolls, making these scrolls useless. Spellbooks of light and darkness are very common but not very useful. Herbs that cause sickness are also useless.

* The game would benefit from shortcuts to cast particular spells.

* I don't mind fighting 'elite' goblins and gnolls in the late-game, but these should provide a higher amount of experience than what level-1 goblins provided. In the game the experience provided remains the same even though these creatures become more and more difficult to kill.

Screenshots - click to enlarge

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

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