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Re: Chaos Chronicles

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:37 am
by getter77
BlueSalamander wrote:
getter77 wrote:I really think it would be a good idea for you to contact the team if only to to say hello and perhaps shoot the breeze a bit and see what comes of it----as it isn't like they can have a meeting of the minds readily with Troika nowadays.
I've exchanged an email with Peter Ohlmann. He said KotC was the reason they decided to use the OGL 3.5. :)

Waterd103 wrote:And I thought that I had to wait for KOTC2 to have an RPG I want to play, I'm really excited about this game. Also they claim they want to recover that feeling of Danger that RPG have missed. I wonder if that is true because that's what I really want, a party rpg with a story that makes you feel in danger like a rougelike like adom.

You may well be happy with this game: see from
The developers have confirmed there will be two games modes: hardcore and insanely hardcore. Coreplay is going for a niche audience but wants this audience to be challenged to the point of breaking. In harcore mode, if one of your party members is lethaly wounded you can carry him to the nearest town to heal. In case he dies, there is still a chance he can be revived by taking his ashes to the nearest town. By investing gold and having a bit of luck the character can be resurrected. In what the developers called “insanely hardcore” you will not be able to resurrect squad members. But it goes further than that, the developer plan to only allow save point in towns. So no saving during dungeon, which will greatly increase the challenge to possible extreme levels.

-A hearty congrats BlueSalamander----making a pronounced difference indeed in the landscape of RPGs to come! Though this really makes me wonder how much longer it will be before a proper single player Pathfinder OGL project gets underway since this demonstrates that all it takes is it done right a single time to spur others onward...

Keep those lines of communication open, maybe they'll let you in for some early testing or just some further shop talk. 8-)

-Nice on their modes---standard is essentially Wizardry-like IIRC, and the Insane is a proper way of going about "difficulty" as opposed to just giving foes higher health and damage thresholds----so long as they don't make the classic common mistake of instant death traps that require foreknowledge that could spoil many a hour of careful play.

The dev blog also recently mentioned why they went with Hex versus the rest.

Re: Chaos Chronicles

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:35 am
by Waterd103
Awesome, super excited about this game now! Hope it works well and you follow their steps! However Without much more information I can say I do not like the part where you need luck to revive him. It may be you need luck on how much gold it's needed or something. But purely luck in the final result, seems atrocius. D&D already have a lot of variance, this is too much variance imo.

Also another issue here is that they do not talk about the most important think, that is not hardcore deaths or when you can save, but rests. Most non rougelikes RPG have a rest system that make resources meaningless, you can fight for years, be either with infinite grinding or making spell slots meaningless (really what is the point of having even spell slots if you can just spam your highest spells every fight because rests are infinite).
Which is the reason I do my runs of Kotc with only one campfire use per game. But in some games is really hard to make such a clean rule (ive tried and failed forever in Temple of elemental evil, not even gonna talk about bioware games)

Re: Chaos Chronicles

PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:48 pm
by getter77
Troubling developments afoot: :x

As most of you know news has been lacking for Chaos Chronicles. This is not good as the release should of been this summer. The reason for this I'm sorry to say is the game appears to be on hold.

The game is having legal trouble with the publisher bitComposer according to the official forums on RPGCodex a developer posted the following.

I don't want to keep you guys from writing those excellent fiction, but the current unsettled situation with Chaos Chronicles is solely based on a conflict between us and bitcomposer.

At the current state the completion and release of the game is uncertain since our last attempt to find some agreement failed due the disappointment that we haven't heard back from bitcomposer after holding a long (and constructive) meeting.

Obviously, the game won't be released in this summer because bitcomposer stopped the development earlier this year through an legal injunction(which has been recalled later). The next few weeks will finally decide if the game will see the day of light or not.

Re: Chaos Chronicles

PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:26 am
by getter77

Well, that's looking pretty bad in a finality sort of way. :cry:

Statement on the situation of Chaos Chronicles

Due to wide ranging speculation concerning Chaos Chronicles, we have decided to issue a statement. For legal reasons, we cannot go into all the details. However, we would like to describe the current situation as best we can within the given limits:

Chaos Chronicles is a promising project for Coreplay as well as for bitComposer. The current dispute between the two companies has NOTHING to do with the actual developer team or with the project itself. Seeing as the development of the game is already at such an advanced stage, bitComposer would still like to complete and market Chaos Chronicles with the developer team from Coreplay. In September 2012, one of the founders and managing partners of Coreplay left the company—and this was a real surprise for us. Shortly thereafter, the former managing partner’s shares were taken over by a lawyer and an investor.

From this point on, there have been differing opinions concerning the previously agreed contracts and the future form of cooperation.

We are of course aware that the ire of fans will focus on the ‘evil’ publisher. Please be aware that we are not ignoring the comments and the online petition, but a solution always requires two parties, and in this case, three, as the game has been partly financed with public funds through the FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria. On July 24, we once again tried to find a solution agreeable to all parties, though Coreplay and their managing partners did not want to attend these mediation talks.

Despite the clear legal situation, efforts by impartial institutions, and considerable accommodation on the part of bitComposer, Coreplay is not ready to participate in a balanced solution, and thereby knowingly bring about the end of Chaos Chronicles.

Update: Chaos Chronicles lead Peter Ohlmann has issued a statement of his own on our forums:

"The first casualty of War is Truth"

During a 5 hours meeting, we've discussed and negotiated every detail of a final agreement between bitComposer and Coreplay for realizing a completion of Chaos Chronicles.

We wrote all those terms and conditions into a contract and at the end of this meeting day, both parties agreed to those terms.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly) bitComposer rejected to sign this agreement on this day because they still wanted to clarify an open issue regarding the tax. But before leaving our office, they've promised us to check this issue as soon as possible to make a final signment possible in the next days.

This was two month ago and we haven't heard back from them since then.

In their recent statement to the petition, they mentioned a meeting last week (24th July). But they did not mention the fact that they already announced not to sign anything in that meeting. That's why we haven't attend it, because we don't have time for this 'play for time' bullshit anymore.

And for the records: the main reason for this dispute was the controversy about an early release of Chaos Chronicles in March 2013. A release at this time would have led to horrible consequences for the game regarding its quality, content and stability.

Since bitComposer rejected to invest more money into our game, we had to get the money elsewhere. Throwing an unfinished and crappy game on the market was no option for us and that's why we had no other choice than borrowing money from third parties to continue the development and completion of our game. We wanted to release this particular game as it was intended, because otherwise we wouldn't get a second chance to create such a game again.

At some point, you have to fight for your creative work, no matter what financial and legal consequences it could cause. Otherwise you would give up your work and all dreams you had.

And before we release a game like 'Citadels' (which was released way before its completion), we prefer not release a game at all.


Re: Chaos Chronicles

PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:05 pm
by BlueSalamander
Too bad. Thanks getter77 for all the updates.