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Dragon Kings Project

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:38 pm
by getter77

Essentially, a spiritual successor of sorts, rules agnostic(they'd like to hit some of the current rising stars in the P&P world as far as compatibility), to Dark Sun by talented folks aiming quite literally for a Multimedia spread---including whom I believe to be the original guy starting behind the world, Brom on art alongside one of the other original artists (Baxa), and generally tearing into the lot of things with a prog rock/metal musical album.

They are likely to pursue a KS somewhere in the not incredibly distant future, and as as per my harassment in general they do seem open to a future cRPG depending on how well the starting foundation can get squared away---I'd like to see them pull something of a Numenera/Torment situation personally, but whatever works.

I'd certainly like to see this trend continue of classical world builders throwing their hat in the ring again after all these years and trying to blow the doors off---as it isn't like D&D Official has quite the strangle grip it used to back in the day that pretty well drowned even things with a myriad to it like Tekumel and Talislanta, or even things perpetually mismanaged internationally like The Dark Eye. Kickstarter on the whole is definitely allowing for more folks to at least publicly aim for the stars far moreso than in years past.