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SkeleTony wrote:Should halflings have a wisdom bonus? Depends on how the halflings in your world are defined I guess. I personally am not thrilled about this idea because it kind of eliminates the archetypal UNWISE halfling(like Pippin from the LoTR). I would be more in favor of giving them bonuses to "Will" saves but even that can be problematic.

SkeleTony wrote:I have never understood why D&D confused "Wisdom" and "will power". There really is no relation between these two traits. Like I said if you want to give halflings a Will save bonus then I can see that but even Frodo was not of exceptional wisdom much of the time. He was often naive and easily fooled. The rest of the hobbits/halflings much more so. I am not saying they should be UNWISE just that I do not see much justification for granting them wisdom bonuses.

SkeleTony wrote:
Gragt wrote:The biggest problem with fantasy is that people consider the bloated fantasy epic that is TLoTR as some kind of model to follow, but that's the best way to fall into pedestrian fantasy that won't rise above the mass. Then again, from some discussion I had with different people, it seems that some are so insecure that they can't imagine fantasy giving them something original, that they must have the same old stereotypes to hold onto.

Agreed 100%.

So, SkeleTony introduces LotR halflings to the discussion as the archetypal UNWISE halfling; SkeleTony believes granting halflings a Wis bonus in KotC 2 will get away from that archetype and is therefore a bad idea; SkeleTony agrees with Gragt that LotR is a poor model to follow and that stereotypes should be abandoned.

Bottom line for Blue Salamander, I think, is that wise halflings will work in his world if he wants his world to have wise halflings. From a gaming perspective, only CHA is omitted from the bonuses list right now, with Thri-Kreen having the only WIS bonus. Making halflings a good Cleric class doesn't sound like a bad idea.
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