heres my ideas for kotc 2

Here's the place to talk about the features you would like to see in a sequel to KotC.

heres my ideas for kotc 2

Postby mikeshredder233 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:01 am

keep the same composer because he rocks add lightning sometimes to the storms and cricket sounds at night(mood is everything) add a human being that turns into a werewolf as 1 of the enemys(that would be cool) other enemies could be witches jack o lanterns with long arms sewer gators etc add the ability to conjur more than 1 elemental and i would change the way u travel the map and make it more like the krynn days have the map detailed and give us more freedom to go all over it you ty youre the best
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heres my ideas for kotc 2


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