Intriguing prestige classes

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Intriguing prestige classes

Postby Ikarius » Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:57 am

I favor a system which would do away with prestige classes completely, and take the more intriguing class features from them, and turn them into feats. That being said, I'll collect here some of the more interesting prestige classes to draw from.

War Weaver - From Heroes of Battle. Arcane caster prestige class, though has possibilities for expanding to divine casters. Allows casters to "weave" spells and expand things like "personal" target buffs to cover other party members, and possibly cast healing spells at range. ... _Guidebook

Incantatrix - From 3.0 Magic of Faerun. Caster prestige class based on metamagic. ... e_Class%29

Exotic Weapon Master - from Complete Warrior - some neat bits with ranged and reach weapons

Order of the bow initiate - from Complete Warrior

Tactical Soldier - from Miniatures Handbook- options for playing with flanking and which squares he threatens.

Those are a few PrCs I'd look at for feat inspirations. They all go a long way towards opening up tactical options.
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Intriguing prestige classes


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