Much better

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Much better

Postby tdunaj » Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:00 am

After updating to 1.1, I started a new game and have beaten the first boss fight on the first try (though my gladiator got blinded - permanent condition not easily removed). There is now enough xp and gold to make it to level 3 before the fight and that makes all the difference. The fight is still difficult but nowhere near as it was with level 2 party.

Also the pool area is now working - that was the only fight giving me difficulties. Bug: after entering the pool second time, have to save and reload to get whole party back.
Arena is also working, last week the encounter did not trigger.

Couple of comments:
I found a pipes for bard which give per encounter use of ice blast (I think) but there does not seem to be any way to cast the spell/ability.
Can scrolls be modified to include the spell description, as well as type (wizard, cleric) and level?
Also there is a problem with the cleric spell elemental weapon (I think), where the selection from the spell's page does not carry over to the second page. On the first page I selected acid, and it reset to fire on the second "page".

Overall good stuff, I think the encounters are designed correctly - it was the game not working properly that made it too hard.

My party:
half giant fighter - two hander and heavy lifter
human gladiator - two two handers (eventually) - does not have to have an armor
halfling aquamancer - awesome elemental damage and support healing/summons, small size for passages
dwarf cleric - magic and turning - at this point mostly healing and summons, and dwarf search
elven blue wizard - 20 int for the 22 checks searches, and enchants and usual damage
elven bard - great support, with early silence, ranged heals - bit worried if she'll be able to keep up later.

First mandatory feat for everyone - improved initiative, second for caster superior concentration :)
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Much better


Re: Much better

Postby bdemeo » Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:54 pm

How much more gold and exp is in version 1.1? I was continuing from a saved game from 1.0, but am not far after the intro and could restart.
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Re: Much better

Postby tdunaj » Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:57 pm

*Spoilers* ahead

There is easily 20k. 15k is needed to get everyone to level 3 (2.5k per person) and I had plenty to spare.

If you have a cleric with a turning domain, you can get a black rose from the corpse in the first room - and use it to talk and trade with the first group of cultists (there may be other ways to trade with them). I sold them everything that was not needed for the boss fight, since it gets taken away anyway afterwards. The cultists will turn hostile eventually so you have to kill them before going into the secret room or diving into the pool.

Note you can dive into the pool more than once for extra reward, but the first fight is really tough. I could only dive with two characters - not sure if it is a bug but suspect its by design :)

After the boss fight you lose all items (but not gold) - and I had enough gold to buy basic supplies and the campfire from the rat folk. And either before or after the mimics got two of my characters to level four.

After the mimics I did the arena siding with grey goblins and got the reward 50k. Plenty to catch up everyone on leveling to 5. That is where I am right now. Btw nice job Pierre on designing the icons for the items (they look awesome in the inventory, and when they are placed in the environment too).
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