What's your party?

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Re: What's your party?

Postby fuzzyduck » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:48 am

My second party (the first to complete it with) I have:

Mul Knight - dual wielding longsword and kukri, also has forge weapon/armour
Human Cleric - primary healer with conjuration focus & augment summoning at 1st level.. those ellies are handy :D
Elf Wizard - a wide spread of spells, no particular school focus but took spell penetration and most of the metamagic feats.. also has wand crafting & weapon enchanting
Mul Cleric - a more combat-oriented cleric, but with both spell penetration feats

General thoughts:
Still spell is ESSENTIAL for clerics considering how often enemies grapple... just self-buff with freedom of movement, sorted :) Also makes life easier for my combat cleric, being able to use shields
having 2 clerics means that theres one who can heal.. and another who can harm (spell) - makes life a lot easier!
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