final FINAL battle *slightly spoilery*

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Re: final FINAL battle *slightly spoilery*

Postby MonkeyLancer » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:34 pm

Dominating the balors is easier said then done with the spell resistance, but it pays off them being so brutal and no one can consistently damage them in that battle except the iron golems. With the vampires you can use the 7th lvl dominate undead and you may be able to get both of them in one fell swoop if they are close enough together. I suppose my cleric being of the higher dex variety was useful in that his initiative was higher then average and could get off that mass death ward.
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Re: final FINAL battle *slightly spoilery*


Re: final FINAL battle *slightly spoilery*

Postby Gragt » Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:07 am

Yeah, I know that too. It works but never at the same time and one of the two npc always get killed. It's very annoying that Kharef finds it a good idea to just go in the middle of the enemy army and get hacked to pieces in seconds.
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Re: final FINAL battle *slightly spoilery*

Postby Despiser » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:31 am

Two clerics, two wizards, 22 hrs total on my first run-through. That being said, WOW that last battle was nasty!!! Even with a fully tricked out team, it took me way too many attempts to get the right strategy, plus luck. But I did manage to win pretty handily after actually coming up with a strategy, and kept both the NPC's alive, plus my party. Details on how below.

1) Aside from the tricked-out suit, I also got four displacement cloaks to deal with the damn archers. Also prepared a stack of 5 scrolls of mass healing for each cleric, and a stack of 5 scrolls of dominate monster for my wizards.

2) Death wards, mass protection from evil, and DARKNESS! This spell was critical; the stupid archers kept shooting and screwing my wizards' concentration in previous attempts, but with darkness+displacement cloak, they were missing much more shots than they were hitting. This allowed me to get off multiple dominate monster attempts, which resulted in me getting the vrock prince, the balor, and the spidershifting mage at the very beginning. After that, it was just academic, as my wizards (and my balor) slowly dominated/killed off everyone and everything else while my clerics just healed and kept spells up (no resurrections were needed). The vrock/balor damage reflection nuked several critters by themselves, including an iron golem, and the archers were helpless against my displaced wizards who were hidden in the dark. After I managed to dominate the second balor and the dragon, it was all over. Several acid blasts later, it was all over.
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