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10 March 2022. Knights of the Chalice 2 is finally coming to Steam and GOG for its official release! The game will be released on 25 March 2022 at 6 am US Pacific Time. Here's the link to a new trailer made for Steam and GOG:

28 April 2020. Uploaded the video announcing the KotC 2 Kickstarter on Youtube. Here is the link:

23 August 2019. Finally launched Knights of the Chalice 1 on Steam! Here is the link:

19 April 2019. Released version 1.33 of Knights of the Chalice 1 and uploaded new trailers for KotC 1, including the short trailer and the long trailer. The KotC 2 trailer for Kickstarter was uploaded in March.

4 February 2019. Finished an update of the Knights of the Chalice 2 web pages, including the following new pages: KotC 2 Features, KotC 2 Screenshots, KotC 2 F.A.Q., and KotC 2 About Us.

27 January 2019. I've finally finished working on Knights of the Chalice 2: Augury of Chaos, the first module made using the RPG-construction toolset of KotC 2.

25 August 2013. Here's a review of recent changes. I launched my book today, 25 August. I released my RTS, Battle of the Sands, in Windows version on 1 June 2013. On 13 July, I released it in Linux 64-bit version (learning Linux was difficult), and on 2 August, I released the game in Mac OS X and Linux 32-bit versions.

The BotS project allowed me to learn about game porting and to build an engine for 2D games based on big pictures. At the same time, sales have been dismal. Knights of the Chalice, released in August 2009, generated much enthusiasm but rather low sales, making it a semi-success. It all paints a pretty bleak picture for turn-based fantasy RPGs, especially with another OGL RPG project, Chaos Chronicles, recently sinking into oblivion.

12 December 2012. Opened a new website section dedicated to Battle of the Sands, my 2D RTS. Essentially the game's programming is done in Windows version. I'm planning to hire a graphic artist for backgrounds and a music and sound effect specialist. After getting their work in the game I'll do a demo version and full version, release the game in Windows version and then work out how to do the Linux and Mac versions.

I'm also planning to do a 'window editor' for KotC2. That will be a tool to accelerate the creation of complicated windows, like the windows for character creation, character sheet, script editor or item editor.

I'll mention a bug I've encountered in Visual Studio 2008 in case someone looks for a solution online. If your Macros stop working in Visual Studio 2008 with Vista 64 bits, the solution may be to reinstall Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile. At least that was the solution for me - nothing else would work.

29 April 2012. Since I'm cleaning up my website's files I might as well update this (very irregular) announcements page. Considering how the Fantasy World Engine is such a huge project, I've set myself a shorter-term goal, to make a 2D real-time strategy game with a map and campaign editor.

I've worked on this for a good while now. All I have left to code is the function of buildings, win and lose conditions, some interface for game and campaign saving and loading, a minimap, help files, and all of the artificial intelligence.

And after that I'll have to paint a set of good maps with the editor, playtest them, finalise Windows, Linux and Mac versions, update the website, release the game, do the marketing, and then finally I may be able to work on Fantasy Work Engine - with the advantage of having more experience and a lot of flexible classes ready for re-use.

4 March 2011. Added a new section to the website about KotC 2 / the Fantasy World Engine, with pictures, spell lists and character design information. Feel free to post comments about the character classes and balance in the forum.

6 February 2010. Knights of the Chalice has received the Independent RPG of the year 2009 award from GameBanshee. Also, recently released version 1.24 with a variety of improvements. Customers will find the download link in the email they received when they purchased the game. Click here to download the free demo. In other news, I have completed part of the graphical user interface and hyperlink system for KotC 2 (not the final title). That game will be based on the cross-platform SFML rather than DirectX.

13 September 2009. Released version 1.18 with some more bug fixes. Customers will find the download link in the email they received when they purchased the game. Click here to download the free demo. The Screenshots section has also been updated with new pictures.

31 August 2009. Released version 1.15. It contains a lot of improvements compared to the earlier versions and most bugs (perhaps all) have been removed. Customers will find the download link in the email they received when they purchased the game. Click here to download the free demo. The How To Play and Screenshots sections have also been updated with pictures from the latest version.

21 August 2009. Released version 1.10, including a new, clearer text font. Read here the list of changes. Customers will find the download link in the email they received when they purchased the game. Click here to download the free demo.

16 August 2009. Released the game in version 1.07. Read here the list of changes. Customers will find the download link in the email they received when they purchased the game. Click here to download the free demo.

10 August 2009. Released the game in version 1.03. Click here to download the free demo.

9 January 2009. Added new screenshots. As usual, for more information on the game please check the Development Update thread in the forum.

29 November 2008. Added a four-minute gameplay video in the forum. Hired Marcel Kralik to draw creature portraits.

13 November 2008. Please read the latest update in the forum.

26 September 2008. Finished an upgrade of the AI allowing it to activate magic wands, use the ready versus spell action and cast Dispel on the party when that would be useful. Partial charges are allowed as part of the ready versus spell action. Nearly all the backdrop graphics have been finished by the artist, so a major upgrade of the maps is planned.

6 September 2008. Currently adding the Ready Versus Spell combat action and new sound effects. No time to post a new forum article, sorry!

25 August 2008. Currently working on the game's graphics and sound. Recently added creature portraits. Check out these four new screenshots. On another topic, here is review of Avernum 1.

8 August 2008. Here is a new article about the Fire, Frost and Hill giants. Added latest-posts shortcuts to the website menu. Added many music tracks to the game, here are two samples: medieval village, character creation.

13 July 2008. Here is a new article about Undead creatures. Menu added to the FAQ, Design notes and RPG shrine pages. Added some pictures to the Dark Sun article.

6 July 2008. Major rework of the game's sound effects. Here is a new article about the Chromatic Dragons featuring exclusive pictures, be sure to check it out. As usual, comments are welcome.

28 June 2008. Here is a review of Neverwinter Nights 2 and here is a new article on the Slaver Lords and their allies the Orcs, Gnolls and Trolls.

23 June 2008. New Poll: which Dungeons & Dragons edition do you think is best for a video game adaptation? (read the topic for examples of games using each edition)

21 June 2008. Added new dragon sprites and the first few music tracks to the game. Also launched a Focus on Monster series in the forum. Check out the Iron Golem. Other articles will be released in coming weeks about: the Slaver Lords, Chromatic Dragons, Medusa and Grimlocks, the Undead, Demons, etc.

17 June 2008. Check out my review of Temple of Elemental Evil: Keep on the Borderlands demo in the forum, or if you like fantasy books, check out my post on books.

13 June 2008. Thinking on how to get more people interested, I did a small study comparing traffic at websites interested in RPGs. Here is the result.

12 June 2008. Added descriptions for all feats, spells, weapons and enchantments. Follow the links to read the descriptions. Added forum ranks, from Squire (less than 4 posts) to Knight Commander (at least 60 posts).

8 June 2008. Added Windowed mode and many small interface improvements. Added a section on How to create characters in the How to play page.

29 May 2008. Hired Nino Rajacic to produce the music and sound effects.

28 May 2008. The game was tested on Windows Vista and it works well.

21 May 2008. Switched from Monotype Corsiva to Arial since many computers can't display the Corsiva text font correctly. Reduced the website width so that users at resolution 800x600 don't have to scroll horizontally. Cleaned up HTML code, introduced an external cascading style sheet.

18 May 2008. Uploaded website.

17 May 2008. No announcement released yet.

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