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Free demo (requires DirectX)

A haunted forest. Strange ruins. The villagers call this place “Devil’s Lair”. The ruins may be dead, so they say, but the sinister, malevolent creatures that lurk underneath most certainly are not.

Tightening your packs, you reflect upon this. The devil’s lair, Hah! How could any self-respecting adventurer shy away from the golden opportunity? In this short adventure, the player characters are pre-created and start at level 3.

Direct Download (v1.36) from (v1.15)

Softpedia (v1.15)

Full game

A long campaign that takes the player characters from level 1 to level 20. The player gets to create his own characters. The campaign includes a great deal of combat encounters and a great deal of dialogue too. It is at least as long as that of Baldur's Gate 1.

Knights of the Chalice for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 is available at the price of £12.50. Click on the button below to buy with your credit card or Paypal account. Dollars and other currencies can be used to order.


- If you are not immediately redirected to our download page following your payment, please click on the Return to Merchant link to do so.

- If, after installing the game, when you try to run it you get an error message about a missing file or an incorrect DirectX version, please download from the website of Microsoft the DirectX 9 redistributable file and install it. You will find the DirectX 9 file at the following address:

- If your operating system is Windows Vista/7/8, and you are installing the game on another folder than the default one, you may need to right click the executable and set "run as administrator". Please also note that there is a known issue with Asus Xonar sound cards; you may have to disable the sound card to play the game.

- If you have bought the game but not received the automatic email, there are two things you can try before contacting the developer at the address below. Firstly, you can go to the password recovery page. Please enter your email in the 'Login Email' field and click the 'Confirm' button. This will send a new automatic email containing your customer password. Secondly, you can go to the customer page and click on the golden key to log in using your IP address.

The possible reasons for why you are not receiving the automatic email include the following: the email has gone to your spam folder, the email has been identified as spam and deleted automatically by the recipient domain, the email delivery has been delayed, or there was a software problem. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

- Please email if you are having any problems downloading. Comments about the game should be posted in the forum. Thank you. Please note: REFUND REQUESTS: please email me and I will gladly refund you. Do not use charge back or you may be banned.

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