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Champion, the War Priest

Champions are also called Templars, Knights Templar, Warpriests and Warrior Priests. They have close ties to churches and they benefit from the same prestige as Paladins.

Just like clerics, champions of benevolent gods are noble individuals who dedicate themselves to healing, protection and retribution. Champions of malicious gods are power-hungry individuals who spread fear through pillage, destruction and sabotaging. Sometimes, champions are assigned a mission by their ecclesiastical superiors.

In terms of fighting ability, champions are just as good as fighters. The increased focus on combat does mean that champions lose access to some of the high-level spells of clerics. Champions can cast spells even when they are wearing heavy armour.

Hit Dice, Proficiencies, Alignment

D10 Hit Die. Proficient with all armour and all shields. Starts with simple-weapons proficiency plus three selectable weapon-group proficiencies. Champions can have any alignment.

Special Abilities

Spells: The leading ability for Champion spells is Wisdom. A Champion can activate Divine Spell Scrolls of any spell in the lists of the Paladin, Ranger, Druid and Cleric. Spell picks at level 1: 3 + Wisdom modifier. Spell picks at all other levels: 2. A Champion can cast somatic spells while holding a light shield, but not a heavy shield or tower shield. Champions can also cast somatic spells while wielding a two-handed weapon or several weapons at the same time, because switching a weapon from one hand to the other is a free action. A character cannot have more than one summoned creature at a time. A Champion draws his spells from the Cleric's list of spells and he can use his spells to counterspell.

Champion Feats

Divine Armour: When wearing medium or heavy armour, you do not take any penalty to speed. Requires: Champion Level 1.

Divine Shield: You can cast somatic spells while using a heavy or tower shield. Requires: Champion Level 1.

Perfect Combat Casting: You do not trigger Attacks of Opportunity from nearby enemies when casting spells. In addition, you gain another +4 bonus on all concentration checks. Concentration checks (1d20 + Caster level + Constitution modifier) are needed whenever the character is casting a spell in difficult conditions. Requires: Superior Concentration.

Divine Weapon: This feat allows the Champion to bypass aligned DR, meaning that his weapons will always be considered to be of the right alignment for the purpose of bypassing the enemy's DR. In addition, the Champion gains a bonus of +2 to damage rolls whenever using a weapon enchanted with Holy, Unholy, Axiomatic or Anarchic against enemies of the opposed alignment. Requires: Champion level 1.

Greater Divine Weapon: The damage bonus from the feat Divine Weapon increases from +2 to +5. Requires: Champion level 12, Divine Weapon.

Divine Fortune: You can cast the spell Good Fortune as a level-7 spell.

Improved Armour Of Bravery: When you're wearing armour enchanted with Bravery or Greater Bravery, the radius of the effect increases from 10' to 15'. Requires level 9.

Spell Focus: The Difficulty Class of all your spells with a saving throw increases by one point.

Greater Spell Focus: The Difficulty Class of all your spells with a saving throw increases by another one point. Requires: Spell Focus.

Improved Energy Defence: You can cast Protection from Energy, Mass Protection from Energy and Greater Protection from Energy as move-action spells, rather than standard-action spells.

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