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Player-Character Races

Here are two charts summarising the player races. The first chart details the ability-score ranges for each race while the second chart details the speed, size, natural weapons and special abilities of each race.

When a character is created, the abilities are rolled within the possible range with each value in the range having an equal probability. Then, if the total of ability points is below (or above) the set total for the race, points are randomly added (or removed). The set total is 73 for half-giants, 75 for centaurs, drakes, half-salamanders and mantis people, 79 for humans, 81 for dwarves, elves and kobolds, and 83 for halflings. For example, 79 points can yield the array: 18 15 13 12 11 10.

All creatures have the Simple Weapons proficiency. Creatures that have a natural weapon other than Fists also receive the Natural Weapons proficiency for free.

Summary of Abilities

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