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KotC 2 Screenshots

Please click on one of the pictures below to enlarge it, or click here for the World Map.

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Quick Overview   Combat Screenshots   Exploration Screenshots

Puzzle Screenshots   Dialogue Screenshots   Game Mechanics   Module Creation

Trailer for Steam/GOG   KotC 2 Bull Rush Tactics Video   KotC 2 Classes Video

KotC 2 First Combat Video   KotC 2 Second Combat Video

KotC 2 Six-Minute Trailer   KotC 2 Sprite Video   KotC 2 trailer made for Kickstarter

Quick Overview

Combat Screenshots

Exploration Screenshots

Puzzle Screenshots

Dialogue Screenshots

Game Mechanics

Module Creation

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KotC 2 trailer made for Steam and GOG

KotC 2 Six-Minute Trailer

KotC 2 First Combat Video

KotC 2 Second Combat Video

KotC 2 trailer made for Kickstarter

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