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Weapon Groups

There are 14 weapon groups. Fighting with a weapon that you are not proficient with results in a penalty of -4 on attack rolls with that weapon. Unarmed fighting does not trigger attacks of opportunity. All creatures have the Simple Weapons proficiency. Creatures that have a natural weapon other than Fists also receive the Natural Weapons proficiency for free. Wizards and other casters are automatically proficient with touch attacks and touch attacks are not part of any weapon group.

In addition to standard materials, weapons can be made in Silver, Cold Iron, Adamantine, Eternium and Crystal. Silver, Cold Iron and Adamantine weapons are used to bypass the Damage Reduction of monsters, while crystal weapons offer a +1 bonus to attack rolls and eternium weapons offer a bonus to damage rolls (+1 for light and one-handed weapons and +2 for two-handed weapons).

Silver weapons cost 1,000 more, while Cold Iron weapons cost 5,000 more, Adamantine weapons, 10,000 more, Crystal weapons, 20,000 more, light and one-handed Eternium weapons, 7,500 more, and two-handed Eternium weapons, 15,000 more.

Enchantments cost an additional 2,000 gp per enchantment point on Cold Iron weapons, 1,000 gp per point on Adamantine weapons and armour, 425 gp per point on Silver weapons, 750 gp per point on Mithral armour, 2,500 gp per point on Eternium weapons and armour, and 3,000 gp per point on Crystal weapons. Damage rolls with Silver weapons are always reduced by one point. Weapons and armour made in a special material are always of masterwork quality.

Reach Weapons: The base reach of a creature usually depends on the space the creature takes. Small and Medium sized creatures and Half-Giants occupy a single five-foot square and they have a base reach of five feet (one square). Large creatures occupy a ten-foot area (2x2 squares) and they have a base reach of ten feet (two squares). Huge creatures occupy a fifteen-foot area (3x3 squares) and they have a base reach of fifteen feet (three squares). Gargantuan creatures occupy a twenty-foot area (4x4 squares) and they have a base reach of twenty feet (four squares).

Wielding a reach weapon as primary weapon increases the creature's reach by five feet for all of the creature's weapons, including natural weapons like a bite and extra claw attacks, and non-reach manufactured weapons. For example, if a Kobold wields a Glaive, his reach increases to ten feet (two squares) for both his Glaive attacks and Bite attacks. You can also combine reach and non-reach manufactured weapons using the feat Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting. All weapons held by the creature will then benefit from reach if the weapon held in the primary right-hand slot is a reach weapon.

A large creature wielding a reach weapon benefits from an increase of one square in its reach. For example, a troll wielding a Glaive has a reach of three squares for both his Glaive attacks and Bite attacks.

List of Weapon Groups

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