Focus On: Iron Golem

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Focus On: Iron Golem

Postby BlueSalamander » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:33 pm

Here is the first of a series of "Focus On Monster" articles describing monsters the way they were implemented in Knights of the Chalice. Feel free to post comments.

Iron Golem

Ruthless. Heartless. Infinitely patient. Iron Golems are metallic automatons that were created using powerful magic. They look like armored giants. They are mighty combatants who follow their creator's orders to the letter, even if it means their own destruction. Usually they are ordered to guard a particular place or to protect the wizard who created them.


Hit Points 18D10+30 (average 129)
Challenge Rating 13
STR 33 DEX 9 CON 10
INT 1 WIS 11 CHA 1
Speed: 20
Size: Large
Natural Armor: 22
Attack: Two slams, or weapons.


DAMAGE REDUCTION: 15 excepted against adamantine weapons.

BREATH WEAPON: Poison cone (deals constitution damage).

IMMUNITY to petrification, mind effects, morale, fear, compulsion, charm, phantasm, figment and pattern effects, poison, paralysis, stunning, sleep, disease, bleeding, death effects, positive energy and negative energy, critical hits, level drain, exhaustion and fatigue. RESISTANCE to cold, sonic damage and force damage. VULNERABILITY to acid and electricity damage. Healed, rather than hurt, by fire damage. Metallic subtype: vulnerable to the Rusting Grasp spell. Darkvision.
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Focus On: Iron Golem


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