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Re: My band of Heroes – an after action report

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 8:10 pm
by BlueSalamander
Power Drain (Mind affecting. Fortitude negates, melee touch attack reduces the target's pool of power points by 2 PP per manifester level, or if the target is not a psionics user but a spellcaster, it loses magic slots of equivalent value. A level-2 slot is worth 3 PP, a level-3 slot is worth 5 PP, etc. High slots are lost first. +2 PP to increase the DC by one point and the number of lost power points by five.) Additionally, if “Power Drain” is successfully used during the first three rounds of a battle, the user can transfer 7 PP plus half of the Power Points stolen from a target to his own pool of Power Points. Stealing Power Points in such a way is only possible twice per battle – anymore alien energy is rejected by your body.
I think that's quite a good idea. Limiting the number of PP-stealing occurrences per battle, similar to the limit on the number of Smite Evil uses per battle, would probably work. Covering the 7 PP expense is also a good idea. I'll decide later on whether to implement this change in the game.

Even if we ignore the whole PP-stealing idea, a feat Improved Power Drain could be a good idea with the following effects: your Power Drain power now requires a close-range touch attack, the number of drained PPs increases to three times your manifester level, and, if successful, the target is Sickened for 1d4 rounds.

As you cautious progress, your [wizard/ highest intelligence character] notices some arcane symbols - almost hidden on the wall. Curious, while removing some rubble, he accidentally touches the symbols – which lightly glow up and vanish – but nothing further seems to happen…

That’s it. The Hook…

The small corridor of the sewer opens up to, what seems to be, a natural cave with a small pool of fresh spring water. Cheerful voices entice your party to approach it. Only [cleric / high wisdom score] feels some uneasiness, something’s not right – but he can’t sense any maliciousness and follows the group.

The [cleric / high wisdom score] can prevent a surprise round.

Nymphs! A few of this lovely creatures look out of the water. While surprised and wary of you, they can soon be convinced that you mean them no harm. They only look for the golden toy of their princess. Perhaps you can help them?
Gladly you agree to look out – and looking you are! (and sometimes touching too, which can’t be helped)
Alas, soon one of them triumphantly holds up a golden ball and in bright light - everything vanish and you are back in the sewer. Surprised you are confronted by the reddening faces of lizardmen - as you abruptly stop hugging their tails.

To late for sorry – the battle commences! A gory mess for the victor is all that remains – or not?

As the last of your enemies dies under your sword a small fairy descends into your midst. Shocked by your bloody appearance she hugs her new found golden ball. “Thank you, mortal, for your help, but … why?” She looks at your dead victims and helplessly shakes her small head.
“Here, your reward!” she holds a small bag reaching out to give it to you, but... “Oh, you stink terrible”.
The bag drops into you hands and the fairy vanishes into small sparkles of butterflies.
That's a pretty cool idea!! Thank you, Atoch! I'll see if I can add it to the Lizardman encounter in the Low Sewers. Best regards 8-)

Re: My band of Heroes – an after action report

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2021 6:09 pm
by Atoch
I'm fine with either possibility. +2 on all combat manoeuvres, or +4 on bullrush only.

A +4 bonus is a lot. I think, it is not to much for a Paladin with Strength 16, but for a Fighter with Strength 20?
If you go with the +4 bonus, I suggest that you give the feat a fancy name like “Zen Shield Mastery” (<= just an example!) and set as requirement Wisdom 13 (and BAB 6).

For balancing reasons I could envision +3 on Bullrush, the Overrun bonus and a smaller +2 bonus on one of the not-strength based manoeuvres (Sunder, Disarm or Feint). But while Bullrush and Overrun share the same “theme”, Sunder, Disarm or Feint would be an arbitrary addition. And that is not good.

But there is a solution! If you can’t find a common theme then create one! Imagine some (dwarven-) lore and chose an even fancier name like “Wisdom of the Forefathers” and you can fill it with whatever you like!

Yeah, that doesn’t help to decide… (I don’t have a strong preference either, but I do think that manoeuvres-boni are a simple but good way to strengthen the shield-combat-style.)

Re: My band of Heroes – an after action report

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 6:53 pm
by BlueSalamander
Thank you. :)

For simplicity I think I'd favour +4 on Bull Rush and Overrun, with BAB 6 requirement. The thing with the Fighter is, it may be better for a Fighter to focus on two-weapon fighting, or two-handed weapon fighting, and disregard the use of any shield. So the feat would be more useful to a class that's more likely to be using a shield to begin with.

I'm testing version 1.19 at the moment and I should be able to upload it in the next few days. Best regards 8-)