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Table of contents

International performance chart

Part I Democracy

Direct democracy, representative democracy, benevolent monarchy

Government by council

Democracy is flawed

A practical example

Three golden rules for a direct democracy

1) Proportional voting rights on budget issues

2) Equal universal rights on issues not related to the budget

3) Transfer of political power from the nation to the cities

How to fix a representative democracy

Economic freedoms are more important than other freedoms

Responsibility is multiplied, never diluted

Why is nearly everyone not libertarian?

Would a majority of people ever vote for a libertarian party in a representative democracy?

Illiberal democracy as defined by Wikipedia

Part II Minimum Wage

The absurdity of minimum wages

Spain or how not to turn around a bankrupt country

The love affair of French TV channels with socialism

The real fuel of an economy

The paradox of high productivity, high unemployment

The consequences of high unemployment

How the EU misrepresents the effect of the minimum wage on employment

Part III Welfare

Church socialism

Child benefits

Thou shall hate smokers

How the British welfare state hurts the people

What a genuine welfare policy would look like in the housing sector

How to turn driving a car into a luxury

The confusion of poverty and inequality

Inequality and health outcomes

How ‘tax the rich’ affects the poor

Europe’s obsession with gender-equality statistics

‘To each according to his need’ is meaningless

Social programmes are not well intentioned

State-managed education, or the something-for-nothing society

The outcome of high spending on education: international comparison

How the state fails to intervene in those rare occasions where it should

Part IV Corporate Welfare

Corporatism and free-trade hypocrisy

Dumping should be taken advantage of, not fought against

The consequences of protectionism

How the government benefits from creating oligopolies and monopolies

How the government helps large firms at the expense of everyone else

The consequences of state subsidies to companies

The consequences of subsidies and guarantees to banks

When a large company must cut jobs in Europe

Part V Social and Economic Policy

British efforts to ruin the HK economy

How the EU wants to ruin the economy of all other countries

The shambles of UK universal benefits

Welfare turns people into serfs

The myth of EU tax harmonisation as a way to resolve financial troubles

Robotisation does not justify welfare

Multiple personalities disease: government’s attitude towards the free market

A modern myth: making insurance compulsory reduces its cost

The Economist and left-wing brainwashing

If it does not come from the state, it does not happen

Part VI Justice

When a serial murderer is caught in Europe

When a serial murderer is caught in China

Deterrence effect of the death penalty

Some crimes are 100% certain

Detroit’s bankruptcy

Part VII Inflation, Spending, Keynesianism

The problem faced by all countries in the world

The fundamental laws of economics

The deflation-spiral boogeyman

Hong Kong’s deflationary death spiral of doom

The difference between a public company and a private company

Two-level spending socialisation

The fatal flaws of Keynesianism

Effect of immigration on wages and the economy

The fallacy of credit destruction

Devaluations can only sabotage a country

Effects of money printing by central banks

The consequences of ending central banks

Inflation, a necessary evil?

Why politicians love inflation

Governments cannot reduce prices, only increase them

How the EU uses nonsensical surveys to justify international redistribution

Keynesians versus monetarists, or statists versus statists

The monetarist concept of bad deflation

Part VIII The Road Ahead

How to get out of the economic morass

What will actually happen

What is a decent person to do

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