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Barbarian, the Berserker

Barbarians are savage warriors who hail from unsettled lands. They are sometimes captured and brought to civilization by force, to serve as slaves, soldiers or gladiators. Other times, they are attracted by the promise of riches.

Contrary to what civilized men may say, barbarians are often honorable and they have rudimentary spiritual beliefs. They have a deep distrust of magic and they hate the undead, devils and demons. They strongly resent captivity and can hold long grudges.

They have little regard for laws, especially unfair ones, and they look on nobles with contempt. Because of this, they can be well liked by the populace.

Evil barbarians are common among the brutal humanoid and non-humanoid tribes. They are thoughtless, destructive and bloodthirsty thugs who seek leadership at all costs. They usually succeed.

Hit Dice, Proficiencies, Alignment

D12 Hit Die. Proficient with light and medium armour and with all shields. Starts with simple-weapons proficiency plus four selectable weapon-group proficiencies. Barbarians are often chaotic, but any alignment is possible.

Special abilities

Fast Movement: When wearing no armour, light armour or medium armour, a barbarian gains a +10 bonus to Speed (two extra squares).

Rage: A raging barbarian gains a +4 competence bonus to Strength and +4 competence bonus to Constitution. He takes a penalty of 2 to Armour Class. The constitution bonus increases HP by 2 points per level but these points disappear when the rage ends (to a minimum of 1 HP: the end of a rage never threatens a barbarian). A rage lasts a number of rounds equal to 4 + constitution modifier (after modifications). When the rage ends the barbarian becomes fatigued for 10 rounds. He can be refreshed by a Remove Fatigue spell. A barbarian cannot start a rage when fatigued or exhausted, but fatigue spells cannot end an ongoing rage. It is possible to rage several times in a fight provided that the barbarian has more than one use per day. Starting a rage is a free action.

Uncanny Dodge: A character with uncanny dodge does not lose his dexterity bonus to AC when flat-footed or hit by an invisible creature.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: A character with this ability cannot be flanked.

Greater Rage: The bonus to Strength and Constitution when raging becomes +6.

Mighty Rage: The bonus to Strength and Constitution when raging becomes +8.

Indomitable Will: A barbarian with this ability gains a +2 bonus to Willpower saving throws.

Tireless Rage: A barbarian with this ability does not become fatigued at the end of a rage.

Damage Reduction: A barbarian with this ability can substract a number of points of damage each time he receives damage from a weapon or natural attack.

Barbarian Feats

Improved Rage: Increases the duration of a rage by two rounds. In addition, the character can rage one more time per day. Requires: Barbarian Level 1.

Improved Damage Reduction: Increases the Damage Reduction by one. Requires: Barbarian Level 6.

Greater Damage Reduction: Another increase of one point in the Damage Reduction. Requires: Barbarian Level 15, Improved Damage Reduction.

Strength Focus: The character gains a bonus of +2 on all grapple checks and strength checks. The following spells can trigger a strength check: Entangle, Web, Ranger Web, Forcecage, Energy Push, Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Greater Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Glue Arrow, Knockback Arrow.

Barbarian Strength: The base strength increases by two permanently. Requires: Barbarian Level 9.

Greater Barbarian Strength: The base strength increases by another two points permanently. Requires: Barbarian Strength, Barbarian Level 18.

Fire Resistance: The character gains resistance 10 to fire damage.

Cold Resistance: The character gains resistance 10 to cold damage.

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