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KotC 2 About Us and Main Contributors

KotC 1 and KotC 2 were created by independent game developer

Programming, game design, graphic design:
Pierre Begue. Feel free to contact me:

Graphic design (splash screens, creature tokens, items, map backgrounds, interface):
Roman Hodek.

Main KotC 2 Soundtracks: Manuel Marino.

Tavern Soundtracks, Bardic Song Clips, extra artwork: Robert Sambat.

Additional Soundtracks: Tyson R. Prince & Kevin Murphy (Double Hilt Studios).

Knights of the Chalice 2 Voice Effects: Ariana Siarkiewicz.

Artwork from Knights of the Chalice 1: Kelly Brake, Marcel Kralik, Ognjen Popovic.

Music and Sound Effects from Knights of the Chalice 1: Nino Rajacic.

Music and Sound Effects from Battle of the Sands:
Daniel Cartisano.

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